The Auckland Softball Junior Competition is made up of the following grades:

  • U11 (Mixed)
  • U12 (Mixed)
  • U13 Boys
  • U13 Girls
  • U15 Boys
  • U15 Girls
  • U17 Boys

NOTE: The U18 Girls and U19 Boys grades are part of the NFS Competition. The U18 Girls play on Saturday's while the U19 Boys play on Wednesday nights. 

GradePlaying Day
U11 MixedSaturday
U12 MixedSaturday
U13 BoysSaturday
U13 GirlsSaturday
U15 BoysSaturday
U15 GirlsSaturday
U17 BoysFriday night

The Auckland Softball Senior Competition is made up of the following grades:

  • Women's: Division 1-3
  • Men's: Division 1-4
GradePlaying Day
Women's Division 1-3Saturday afternoon
Men's Division 1-4Saturday afternoon

1. How do the grades work?

Contact your local Club for more details around these grades.

Contact your local Club for more details around this grade.

JUNIOR: U11 Mixed, U12 Mixed, U13 Boys, U13 Girls, U15 Boys, U15 Girls, U17 Boys.

SENIOR: Division 1 - Division 3 Men and Women.

NORTHERN FASTPITCH SERIES [NFS]: Largest top level competition in New Zealand. Premier Men, Premier Women, Reserve Men, Reserve Women, U19 Boys and U18 Girls.

2. When are games played?


RESERVE MEN: Saturday's

RESERVE WOMEN: Monday nights

U19 BOYS: Wednesday nights

U17 BOYS: Friday nights

SENIOR: Saturday afternoons

JUNIOR TEAMS [except U17 Boys]: Games are usually played on a Saturday morning depending on which grade you are in. The last round is normally finished before 12pm. 

T-BALL/FLEXIBALL (NON-COMPETITION): T-Ball and Flexiball modules are run by the Clubs and not Auckland Softball and primarily played on Saturday mornings. It is best to double-check scheduled game times with your chosen Club.

Contact your local Club for more details around this grade.

3. What are the grades?

T-Ball - T-Ball and Flexiball ages vary by club. 

JUNIOR Grades are determined by age. The date of birth cut off is 31st December 2022 (e.g. I want to play in the U13 Boys so I must under 13 on the 31st December 2022). Softball competition age grades are U11 Mixed, U12 Mixed, U13 Boys, U13 Girls, U15 Boys, U15 Girls, U17 Boys.

SENIOR - Grades are determined by experience, skill, social aspect and number of entries made to your club. 

NFS - U18 Girls and U19 Boys are determined by age (see junior example above). Reserve and Premier are determined by experience and skill.

4. Can I choose any Club to play for?

Yes. You must be registered with a Club before you can play. To view all the Clubs in Auckland, please click here to view the Club Directory.

5. Can mum and dad get involved?

Yes! We are always in need of coaches, managers, scorers, umpires and volunteers. Check out the Orange Shirt Umpires Program and the Orange Cap Scorers Program
and talk to your Club about any other positions or upskilling modules available. 

6. How much does it cost to play?

Cost varies by Club and by grade. This information should be easy to locate on each Club's website. 

7. What do I need to buy to play softball?

Most Clubs will provide a team kit. However this usually does not include a glove which is the one piece of compulsory equipment. You may be able to purchase direct through your Club or via The Fieldhouse or The Dugout. Other equipment can include a helmet, a bat, bag, batting gloves, etc. 

8. Where can I find out who I am playing against and when?

Draws and results can be found here for the ASA competition, here for the NFS competition. Results will be updated weekly and all Clubs will be notified if there is a sudden change in draw. 

9. Where can I find out if my game is cancelled? 

Keep an eye out on the ASA Facebook page and "Latest News" section of our website Home Page for cancellations and keep in touch with your team manager and Club.

10. Where can I buy Auckland Softball merchandise?

Merchandise can be purchased through the shop link and may be available to purchase at some tournaments or events throughout the season.​​​​​​​