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This page includes:
​​​​​​​Policies, Team Handbooks, Loan Player By-Law, Inter-Association Loan Player Application, Ground Registration Form, Transfers, Dispensations, ASA App, Covid CVC Form and Dispensation

For the 2021/22 season, a form will be used to apply for dispensation to have any games missed due to Covid, count towards playoff eligibility.

The above form must be filled out by the Club Secretary prior to the game/s in question e.g. if a player has to self-isolate for 14 days and will miss two games, the form must be filled out prior to these two games being played.

You can apply for multiple games in one form. Approved requests will be displayed in a live Google Sheet that will be shared with all secretaries - this will be updated as requests are received during the season.

Please note: any game that is unable to be played due to Covid may either be rescheduled or considered a draw. If a draw, the game will be put towards the eligibility of ALL players on the team list.

Please see your Club Secretary for Loan Player Application details.

The local Loan Player Form (loaning between Auckland Clubs) can be completed online - see above, however, the Inter-Association Loan Player Form (loaning between Associations) must be completed on paper.

Player dispensation requests must be made in writing to by the club secretary.

Team and Covid-19 dispensation requests can be made via the links below.


Player dispensations are intended to be used as a last resort.
Any requests for variations of the below rules must be submitted in writing to the ASA office. 

1. A dispensation will be granted for a maximum of two (2) seasons for each player for the duration of their junior playing career.
2. A maximum of two (2) dispensations can be granted per team.
3. Acceptance of dispensation will be granted in order of the following priority
    - playing ability
    - no other junior or senior team available
    - to make up team numbers
    - personal circumstances
4. Dispensated players cannot trial for representatives* and cannot play in a higher grade including seniors.
5. The timeframe for processing dispensation requests is 14 days. It is recommended that these requests are submitted to the office as soon as possible prior to the start of the season.

*Refer to By-Law: Section B.18.1.b


All applications for dispensation/alteration to the official draw must be submitted in writing to the ASA at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled game before it will be considered.

Dispensation shall be granted on the following basis only and is not available for
​​​​​​​non-softball related reasons i.e. Weddings:

a) If pitcher, catcher and one other player from one team are called to represent the ASA at Inter-Provincial Tournaments or attend training camps or national duties.
b) Or any four (4) players from one team are called to represent the ASA at InterProvincial Tournaments or attend training camps or national duties.
c) Where a team is entered into an SNZ recognised tournament, at least twenty-eight (28) days’ notice is required.
​​​​​​​d) NFS Competition – Refer to the NFS Handbook.