A Ground Registered Player is someone who is not currently registered to a club and needs to play a game for a team. This is generally due to lack of players. 
For a Ground Registered Player to be eligible to play, the following steps need to be taken.
If a player wishes to be a Ground Registered Player for a team but has previously played/registered for a different club, they must then request a transfer otherwise it will be deemed as breaking the transfer rules. 

ASA BY-LAWS; Section 17
​​​​​​​"No players under the control of the ASA shall play in any ASA controlled competitions for any club except that for which they are a registered playing member. However he/she may be ASA By-Laws (Oct 2020) 9 transferred to any other club with the approval of the club of which they were last a member, but the consent of the club shall not be arbitrarily withheld in any case where the provisions of clauses 1 to 5 inclusive have been observed, or the person has not been a registered player during the last five (5) years."

Register with the club prior to the start of the game.

To do this, select the club from the list below and it will take you to their registration page.


  • When choosing which grade, select 'Ground Registered Players'
  • When choosing which team, select 'Ground Registered Players'
  • Make sure a headshot photo is attached to the registration. Without this you will not be able to take the diamond.

  • If a player has previously registered with a different club, they must complete the transfer process before registering as a Ground Registered Player. Otherwise, it will be deemed as breaking the transfer rules. 

Completing the club registration form (and following the important steps) will automatically make the player available to add into a team on the ASA Game Day App.

To add a Ground Registered Player into a team:

  1. Select 'Pick From Other Squad'
  2. Select the team 'Ground Registered'
  3. Choose the desired player