​​​​​​​We will let you know when the 2023/2024 Softball Association registration form is open.

​​​​​​​There are four steps to the registration process:

1.     Register Players  It is mandatory to upload a photo. Any player without photo ID on the Game Day app will not be eligible to play.

2.     Approve Players  Click here for a Quick Guide for Approving Registrations & Player Transfers

3.     Enter your Teams

4.     Assign Players to Teams

​​​​​​​Through your Sporty website you can view your 2022/23 database of members, and you can email them with an invitation to re-register for the new season, or you can roll them forward yourself if you prefer.

Returning members:

It's easy to email members who registered with your club/school last season an invitation to re-register for 2022/2023 - see How to invite your database back to re-registerThis saves people having to re-enter their details, instead they simply click on the invite link they are emailed, and it opens the 2022/2023 form prefilled with their last seasons details. 

New members:

​​​​​​​Send a link to your form to new members - see How to create a link to your form